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Welcome to Vienna, where EMBO hosts its third annual meeting: The EMBO Meeting 2011.

More than 500 abstracts together with keynote speeches, special lectures and concurrent sessions sum up to a vast selection of news that can be told from various perspectives.

We recommend that you read our press advisories to find novel & newsworthy stories. Interview opportunities can be arranged prior to the meeting or onsite, beginning on Saturday evening after the opening address. Please see contact information below.

All journalists are welcome to participate in the range of activities including lectures, concurrent sessions, poster session viewing and social receptions.

Complimentary meeting registration is available to members of the media who provide appropriate press credentials and identification using this registration form (PDF). See media participation for more details.

Two press events are planned during the conference:

  • Meet the Press with Susan Lindquist: “Lamarck was right after all” Sunday, 11 September, 13:00 - 14:00
  • Meet the Press with Giacomo Rizzolatti: “New ideas about the perception of other people’s actions”. Monday, 12 September, 10:00 - 11:00

The EMBO Meeting newsroom will be located on the ground floor of the Austria Center Vienna. The Abstract Book will be available online to registered participants and journalists two weeks before the conference starts.

For more information contact:

Suzanne Beveridge,
Head, EMBO Public Relations & Communications
Tel. +49 6221 8891 108
communications @



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Suzanne Beveridge
Public Relations & Communications

Tel: +49 6221 8891 108

communications @