The EMBO Meeting 2012 Print E-mail
SAVE THE DATE: 22 - 25 September 2012, Nice, FR

Conference Chairs:
Julie Ahringer
Elena Conti
Jacques Pouyssegur

Plenary lectures:
Chromatin & chromosomes – The dynamic genome (Saturday, 22 September 18:30-20:00)
Steven Henikoff (US)
Adrian Bird (UK)
Ingrid Grummt (DE)

RNA life – from birth to death (Sunday, 23 September 9:00-10:30)
Rob Singer (US)
David Tollervey (UK)
Elisa Izaurralde (DE)

Oxygen sensing, vasculogenesis and disease (Monday, 24 September 14:30-16:00)
Peter Carmeliet (BE)
Kari Alitalo (FI)
Anne Eichmann (FR)


20 concurrent sessions covering the entire range of the molecular life sciences

the rest of the programme including career activities, poster sessions, special lectures etc will follow shortly.