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Monday 12 September, 13:15 to 14:30 - Location: Yellow Level, Foyer E

This mentoring session is organized by the former ELSO Career Development Committee (CDC). Up to ten participants and two mentors will be seated for round table discussions per topic (see table below) - FULLY BOOKED!

Each mentor will provoke discussion, answer your questions and recommend appropriate resources. Mentors are speakers at The EMBO Meeting.


After your PhD - what comes next in academia? The choice between a postdoc in your home country or abroad, Europe, the USA or elsewhere?

Mentors: Friedrich Frischknecht, Evanthia Soutoglou, Elaine Mardis & Carsten Janke


Planning your career: obtaining an appropriate postdoc position

Mentors: Paul Schulze-Lefert & Peter Lansdorp


Starting your own lab: where and how (i.e. tenured positions, fellowships, grants) and other issues

Mentors: Wolf Reik & Jeff Bennetzen


Job application strategies for academic positions: applying for independent positions - first as a junior independent investigator and then at higher (assistant professor) level

Mentors: Margaret Gardel & Raul Mendez


Defining and refining research directions for your project and your group

Mentors: Buzz Baum & Ian Macara


Raising a family while pursuing a career in research

Mentors: Inke Nathke & Walter Nickel


Publishing: How important is it for your career? When is your story ready to be published? Which journal to try? Who should be involved in writing the paper, and who should be co-authors? How to reply to editors and reviewers?

Mentors: Paul B Rainey & Karla A. Kirkegaard


Writing your first grant. Grant opportunities for young scientists within Europe

Mentors: Cameron Osborne & Anne Spang


Communicating your science.

Mentors: Gaudenz Danuser & Marino Zerial

The mentoring session is organised by the former ELSO Career Development Committee (CDC). - FULLY BOOKED!